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Nicole Kouts

Still 01 - Nicole Kouts - A escala
Still 02 - Nicole Kouts - A escala
Still 03 - Nicole Kouts - A escala
Still 04 - Nicole Kouts - A escala
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A/V work

Behind the eyes in front. A performance for the camera where simultaneous captures takes place through a screen recording device, a scanner and a webcam. A game between hidden and revealed layers is the outline of a narrative that presents a single situation in multiple and contradictory alternatives within a context of convergences and divergences between analog and digital media.


Nicole Kouts – visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Her artwork uses video art, installation, drawing, collage and printmaking to unfold a research about ancient and contemporary rituals involving images: the re-signification, places of memory, multiform narratives, the dogmas of the eyesight and the archeology of creative process within a context of convergence and divergence between analog and digital media. BA in Visual Arts from Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo. Also dedicates herself to illustration, theatre posters, scenography, costume design, puppetry and music.

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