Digital Fossil_Corrupt Galatian

Milos Peskir

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Media Type
A/V work
Aspect ratio

Corrupt Galatian represents the struggle for life of a/v elements, the physical fragility of digital material and human perceptive adaptation, understanding the abstract language.

The evolutionary closeness of humans and digital artefacts is the aesthetic/ontological base for this concept.

The physical existence of the digital – inner struggle – digital death – digital remains – corrupt image of yourself – self culturcide.


Milos Peskir, born (1976) in Belgrade, Serbia. Educated in Visual Art, Intermedia.
Active in the field of, time-based and non time-based, 2D Visual Art.

Beside the content narrative, he is focused at decostructing the medium to challenge the perceptual relation with other nature of a subject… developing this essential value, by the measure of emptiness/patience against the space/time of visual or audio-visual material.