Costanza Savarese & Lara Genovese

Media Type
A/V work
Starred and performed by
Costanza Savarese
Directed by
Lara Genovese
Based on a concept by
Costanza Savarese
Production manager
Lara Genovese
Music arrangement and production
Furio Valitutti
Costanza Savarese
Director of photography
Giorgio Amendola for Imago Casting
Valentina Valenti
Vocal training
Eleonora Bruni
First assistant cameraman/focus puller
Matteo Bolzan
Editing and effects
Niccolò Notario
Visual effects
Jazmin Coe
Viviana Crosato, Federica Carone & Antonietta Rendina for Reformo
Masks designer
Gianluca Esposito Hats & Crafts Millinery Couture
Sound recording
Danilo Silvestri
Make-up designer
Costanza Savarese
Costanza Savarese
Athletic training
Raffaella Cordelli & Rael Mackay
Storyboard artist
Giulia Iddas
Imago Casting Studio
Special thanks
Studio Korper & Better Gym


Cheshire Cat is lost in the deep dark Wonderland. Because all around him have stopped believing and exploring different worlds, he walks lonely and desolated, sinking in his psychosis while attempting to find himself. He encounters his worse fears and alter ego, The Black Queen, and is challenged to break free.

As the craziness in his head escalates, he evokes distorted version of Wonderland’s inhabitants ( The Red Queen, The Mad Hatter) and allows for all his story to be narrated by the Hanging man. Ultimately, he resolves to be trapped in his sadness and to live isolated in his nightmare and depression.


Costanza Savarese is an internationally renowned concert soloist and a vocal performer with an astonishing vocal range (more than 5 octaves). Los Angeles Global Music Award winner.
First classical guitarist featured on Classic Rock. Extreme/experimental vocals expert. “Federico Fellini 2018 Prize” winner for innovation within the performing arts field. Designs her costumes and make-up, considering them an integral part of her performance concepts. Founder of REFORMO togheter with her brother Guglielmo. She’ll debut Pierrot Lunaire by A. Schönberg conducted by Tonino Battista (PMCE).

Lara Genovese is an Italian Director/ Designer, Photographer and Founder of Naiad Productions Ltd. Originally an Architect, after 5 years in Hong Kong as a show productions designer for Walt Disney Imagineering she returned to London to pursue the entertainment industry fully.You can find her working in Set Decorating teams for feature films, Producing and Directing new theatre projects and shooting Dress rehearsals, Concept shoots and portrait photography.

Their video-art works have been presented at the Modern Panic Exhibition 2018 in London and the FILE – Electronic Language International Festival 2019 in Sao Paulo.

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