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Seth Guy

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If when we write we ‘hear’ our own voice how might we discuss a text’s transformation into the voice of the reader?

Composed of excerpts of fiction which describe sound and sonic events, the site is non-linear, and considers sound from a written perspective encouraging readers to ‘listen’ to the sounds they read and imagine. Similar to the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series of books popular in the 80’s, the texts offer choices as to what to read-listen next, and hidden within the labyrinth is a bibliography for curious readers. The work is also complemented by an essay which explores the making of the work and various themes present in the text.


I appropriate, reconfigure and juxtapose materials to create playful performative works which explore the discourse between ear and eye. Influenced by my interests in experimental fiction, art, and music, I’m interested in the intersections of shared language, memory, and imagination in which the acts of listening and visualising are investigated. Often collaborating and devising projects of a participatory and experiential nature, I make both sonorous and visual art; work which is often humorous, and occasionally disquieting.