Nostalghia 4.0.1

Joanna Wlaszyn

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Media Type
A/V work
Sound Design
Faust Hertz

Art is for me a transitive reflection of reality that oscillates
in-between illusion and the multidimensional relevance of perception.
I’m working on potentiality of real.

Inspired by Tarkovky’s movies, NOSTALGHIA 4.0.1 is a visual series that capture the sensations of imperceptible moments and propose to see them differently, without any conceptual context. The captured moments are digitally transformed in 3D images and videos recalling the stop-motion technics. The idea is to intuitively re-experience the past and the absence of the future through the moments of personal contemplation.


Joanna Wlaszyn is a Polish-French interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Paris. Her primarily digital practice, incorporating both traditional and new media, demonstrates an active engagement with the post-digital age. Through photography, video installations, digital art, hybrid drawings and paintings she challenges modes of perception and representation. Confronting the Post-Digital Age Wlaszyn purposefully creates hybrid artworks, combining traditional and digital techniques, in response to a constantly evolving post-digital culture. Rather than distorting reality, she attempts to create alternative interpretations.

Her works fuse visual language with conceptual experiment. And even though her visual explorations contain figures that are not construed voluntarily, they offer representations that are free to interpretation, with universal narratives that are accessible to all. Joanna Wlaszyn holds a doctorate in the Critical Theory of Architecture from University Paris-Est and Master degree MS in New Media Art & Design from ENSCI in Paris. She has published numerous scientific publications exploring the impact of digital technologies on architecture and visual arts. She has exhibited internationally including solo and group shows in New York, Korea, Greece, and France.