Meet Me At The Surface

daz disley

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Media Type
AV work
Video Format
.mp4 (h.264) 1920×1080
@25fps [*4]
Audio Format
AAC/WAV (48khz) [*8]
Artists / Performers
Sara Simeoni & daz disley
daz disley
“Approaching Daylight” by The Time Dilation
Cassandre Balbar, Ellen Brady, Rachael Burnett, Duncan Chapman, daz disley
With kind thanks to
Fenia Kotsopoulou,
Vicky McClelland
March to November 2018
Shot in Berlin (DE),
Produced in Lincoln (UK)

Meet Me At The Surface is a meditation on the nature of touch, and the transformative potential of human interaction. The work is structured around a “table of knowledge” framing limited spaces for expression, both above and beneath the Surface. Transposition of binaries in the context of information-condition is the driving force as we follow the female performer’s slow exploration then journey: from beneath the Surface and the weight of the orchid (testicle, masculine) to through, above, and beyond the Surface, and into a position of power, before relaxing back at the Surface. A second (male) performer makes the reciprocal journey : also one of acceptance rather than disempowerment. A fight with structure, a blossoming of entropy, a reordering and a coalescence. They are perhaps 2 different individuals. They are perhaps 2 sides of the same coin. Maybe they have met before. The surrounding environment fills with growing fields of glowing plasma derived from the movement of both performers, symbolically merging representative of the actual meeting point: a place of photonic exchange at the quantum level.
Musically, the main body of the work is structured around 24 bars of timestretched chord blocks, where each bar lasts for 40 seconds, before blending into the next. Composited through multitracking via a single microphone, to some extent the work seeks the formal destruction of its music as symbolic gesture towards stopping time.


Sara Simeoni


Berlin-based, Italian dancer, performer, and choreographer Sara Simeoni creates works for dance-theatre, film and exhibitions. She graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome, attended the Accademia Isola Danza in Venice under the direction of Carolyn Carlson, and studied with numerous renown choreographers such as Nigel Charnock, Rehinild Hoffman, Ismael Ivo, Susanne Linke, Ted Stoffer, Sebastian Prantl, Wim Vandekeybus, David Zambrano, and others. Her artistic practice intertwines the energy of movement and the power of image, forming a convergent choreography. Her focus is to put the body in a constant state of urgency, a “nowness”. Presence and energy are fundamental elements for her that give the body the freedom to create a new dynamic in relation to space and time.

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daz disley


British musician, producer and audio-engineer working in the field of sound art and software development. He has been involved in back-end production and design in the worlds of recording, educational-publishing, marketing, and media-production. For several years, he is producing works in the fields of video-dance and performance for camera, along with experimental technology-related image-making. He is a board member and resident artist with the organization SlumGothic, working with disadvantaged communities in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, to leverage arts and art practice as social-glue, and regularly gets involved in delivering events and festivals at x-church. His creative practice experimentally investigates time, often using musical-perspectives to make images and video.

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