In cammino

Fiorella Macor

Media Type
Mixed Media

A young Eve begins her journey through life, bridges and forests. She grows, becomes a woman and projects herself towards the feminine star par excellence: the Moon.

The becoming and the changing. Humoral and complementary.
Firmness and duality in the endless circling of seasons. Womb. Shelter, and explorer. The golden orb silent companion.

A profound feminine, fixed, recalling those sacred connotations of total love and thrust to an elevation inscribed in a woman capable of crossing life and leaving unscathed.


Professional photographer since 1977, Fiorella has always loved photography. For a daughter and granddaughter born to art like her, it is not just a job but an extension of her spending half her life wearing camera straps around the neck. She considers herself an artisan who occasionally has a few flashes of creativity that she expands with continuous research. Eclectic personality, she hates thematic monotony avoiding a precise style in favour of an everchanging philosophy. An Eyeem Foodie Award earned in 2015 taughts she that only study and perseverance lead to certain results and filled her with new energy learning to express emotions with what she best does.