Humans not invited


Humans not invited
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Graphical User Interface

While I’m working with the computer all day, I notice that our life consists mainly of black boxes. Not only machines and computer algorithms have their own sacred reality. I tend to see wondrous cores of interaction in society as well – be it in politics, in love or in our bodies. In the ongoing online performance ‘Humans not invited’, I am trying to access these black boxes. I’ve created a website that is only accessible to bots. They are the only ones who could read the blurred images of the artwork and thus pass through the entrance portal of the website. A post-noosphere that surpasses the explanatory powers of human language and reasons.


Damjanski is a contemporary Yugoslavian artist living in a browser. Concerned with themes of power, poetry and participation, he integrates field research into an exploration of illogical connections in everyday life.
“Someone came by and asked me why? I answered why not? The person looked at me confused which made me a little worried and I so also became confused.”

Born in Sarajevo (B&H), he grew up in Hamburg (DE) amongst everything topical. Searching for decision spots of wonder and unlearning his conceptual work draws on the idea of the collective.
“We kept staring at each other for quite a while. Then I thought of speaking about my continuing investigation of black box approaches in our everyday lives“.

His interactive installations, browser based art, and web based applications deploy solutionism to unveil screen structures of the present.
“Suddenly, I felt less confused. Yet, I was still staring.”
His work has appeared internationally, including exhibitions at Pioneer Works, ON CANAL, Tropez, MoMAR @ MoMa New York, Import Projects and IMAGE. Damjanski lives and works in New York, NY.