Ghost Glitch

Abe King

Media type
AV work

What is heard as the voice is juxtaposed with the digital representation of the voice, creating a sense of “otherness”

Defined as any software error that can be fixed by restarting the device, Ghost Glitch explores the sonic abstraction of the voice synthesized with the digital, resulting in expressing itself as a hybridized form of self fractionalizing, where the many becomes one, and the one becomes many. The contemporary self in the digital-physical spectrum isn’t necessarily confined within a single unit (the body), but rather the body/self is multi-dimensional in its neo-forms of expressing and identifying itself.

Sound, and in particular the sound of the human voice, is the primordial essence of us humans communicating syntax and deeper subtleties of emotion, instinct, and spirit. The possible result is that the true Alpha is the primordial future, hinting a long forgotten past juxtaposed with a conjured future. The ghost, or rather the unconfined self, is then expressed as the bodiless self, or the selfless person, maintaining identity while unlimited in its centrality.


New media artist, Abe King, works with experimental music, video, electronics, software, and kinetic sculpture. His projects explore entropy, and the intersections between the real and the representation, diversifying in vocal performances, cinematic strategies, public engagement, and schematic installations. He graduated with his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University California San Diego studying under Amy Alexander and Ricardo Dominguez and graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Washington, studying under Shawn Brixey and Juan Pampin. His work has been shown internationally at festivals including the Matera Intermedia Festival, Toronto Electro-Acoustic Symposium, and the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, and locally at galleries such as Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and La Jolla Historical Society.