Dajana Jurman-Osip

digital Darkroom
What makes You different than Me, if I am You?

„Criatura“ encompasses the connection of man with living beings in general, organisms whose structure and function are inevitably similar to the structure and function of human systems and organs.

Digital darkroom and natural environment

„Nature does not turn to anything human, but from the human much deeper and more primordial Self. There is a soul that is deeper than mind, deeper than life, deeper than the earth. Compared to the others, it is the First Soul. The first and therefore the simplest. One. Infinitely deep, infinitely simple, mute, dark, motionless still and intolerably secluded„

― Béla Hamvas, Jasmine and Olive

All of the human traits grow out of organic soil, and a man can only understand himself if viewed within the nature. Using nature as the greatest inspiration for creating not only art, but also a lifestyle, I find digital darkroom like some sort of a tool that helps me to express my inner self.

I’m not trying to fix the nature, that would be kinda of disrespectful, but I’m trying to combine all the thoughts and believes that are crucial to me as an artist. I could call the digital darkroom my assistant or right hand for that matter, because it allows me to send even more precise message out in the world.


Dajana Jurman-Osip is a visual artist and a TV/film scenic designer working across the fields of art and set design. She finds the love for her work in the processes themselves, accompanied by continual learning, exploring and experimenting. After receiving her Master’s degree in Art Education from the Academy of Applied Arts, at the University of Rijeka in 2017, she moved to Slovenia. In her college years, her artwork was based on searching for the connection between mankind and plant. That period was the starting point of growing as an artist. Having Nature as her greatest inspiration, she has a constant urge to create.