Blue, Pink and Red

Vanja Novakovic

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Art, society and technology. And their entanglements.
That’s is my main focus.

Blue, Pink and Red was created as a combination of analogue and digital process.
Each specimen was originally made with acrylic paint on paper. Subsequently, using Photoshop, the final form was obtained with minimal modification.
The process of transformation from original to modified and reproduced final print indicates new methods and tools that are integrated in artistic practice.

However, although the work was finally performed and reproduced by digital media, the individual trace and gesture of the artist were not absent. Also, the artist exploits the potential of digital printing, which opens up the possibility of rapid, massive and inexpensive production. Therefore, the work focuses on the issues of artwork and its reproduction in the contemporary world but represents a particular subversion of the traditional art system.


As a graduate at the Department of New Media Art at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (2018), Vanja Novakovic re-examines identity constructs within media and internet culture through personal experience. Also, she explores multiplication and reproduction capabilities provided by digital media and the relationship between digital and analogue.
Since 2015, she had exhibited and collaborated with different artists and artistic initiatives. She had six solo exhibitions and she participated in many group exhibitions, some of which were created within international projects. She participated in the project “Visual Transpositions of Identity and Space” held at the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris in March 2019, where she held a panel discussion and co authored “Id Places” workshop with Luka Stojanovic, Jelena Gajinovic and Tijana Jevric. Also, in March, she held a panel discussion with three other authors (Jelena Gajinovic, Sanja Andjelkovic, Milica Jokic) on “What is Art” within the Palm Culture Project.
In 2018. Vanja Novakovic was awarded “Dragan Rakić” award for the best work in the fields of digital painting and new media arts. Currently at master studies at the Department of New Art Media at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina.